Report shows more Kansans self-diagnose personal health online

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A new report suggests that more Kansans are turning to the Internet, rather than a doctor, to assess their health.

The survey, conducted by The Tinker Law Fim, found that 38% of people in Kansas consult Google to monitor their health.

The report showed that 44 percent of Americans self-diagnose their medical symptoms.

Although the Internet may seem like a cheap, quick alternative to the doctor's office, going online may be the causing a rise of 'cyberchondria,' with 15 percent of respondents saying that Googling their symptoms causes stress and anxiety.

According to a spokesperson for The Tinker Law Firm, it's best to not "put off going to the doctor because you have consulted the Internet– it's always best practice to seek a professional diagnosis."