Redesigned Topeka flag now flies over City Hall

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A new year brings a change to the banner flying over Topeka's City Hall.

City leaders held a ceremony Tuesday to retire the green and yellow banner with the city seal one last time. In its place, they raised a flag with the new design, featuring a sunflower over a blue and white background.

The Forge young professionals group led a public effort to create the new look. It was chosen by public vote in April, and the City Council adopted it in November.

"I think it really is a symbol of how much momentum and progress have happened in the last year in the city of Topeka and how many people have been involved," said Angel Romero, a member of Forge. "The fact that thousands of people decided to actually raise their voice and cast their vote for a flag really is symbolic of how many people have really taken steps in being more engaged and involved in their city. So I think the process and the flag itself is a good representative of the direction our community is taking."

The city says making the switch on New Year's Eve was a happy coincidence. They say it represents the bright future ahead in the next decade.