The Kansas Highway Patrol is looking for female Troopers

Published: Nov. 1, 2017 at 9:53 AM CDT
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The Kansas Highway Patrol is actively looking for people to join the force.

13's Erika Hall rode along with Technical Trooper Candice Breshears to see how KHP is working to diversify their Troops.

Breshears has been a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper for 12 years.

She’s one of just a dozen women among the state's 400 Troopers.

"We are putting out some ads on Facebook that have been directed towards women, because we'd like to get more women troopers in the state,” Breshears said.

One women who had been in an accident echoed what Breshears here so often when out patrolling.

"It's pretty cool, I've never seen a woman Trooper,” the woman said.

Still when I go places I have people say, 'Oh my gosh, it's a female Trooper we've never seen one of you, how long have they allowed that." Breshears said.

The KHP started allowing women on the force back in 1981. Two female candidates were in the class. 36 years later it's only grown by 10.

Candice Breshears says law enforcement in general is a male dominated career.

“…and we are actively trying to change that perception, you know we are out in the public trying to show women that they can do this," Breshears said.

If there are any misconceptions, Breshears said a women comes out of the academy just as prepared as a man to defend themselves and the public.

“We spend 6 months at the academy getting prepared to be out on the road, and then when we graduate from the academy, we spend an additional almost three months without field training officers before we're out there by ourselves," Breshears said.

Breshears sayid her colleagues agree a stronger female influence could benefit KHP.

Fellow Trooper Sean Swords said women in law enforcement in general bring another aspect to law enforcement that men can't.

Which Breshears couldn’t agree more with.

"Women bring a different perception to law enforcement,” she said.

“ There are some times when it would be good to have a woman on a scene, and we interact with our male counterparts just as anyone else would, so we're equals here.”

And she hopes more women hear the opportunity that's knocking.

"You can absolutely do this, this is a career for anyone. If you've got a strong desire to help your community, and do something different everyday then KHP is definitely the place for you,” Breshears said.

You can find information on how you can start the application process to become a Kansas State Trooper by going to this website: