Recent study shows higher than average positive online reviews in Topeka

Published: Oct. 25, 2019 at 6:17 PM CDT
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Topeka leaders are smiling over a recent study of how online reviews can impact revenue for retailers.

The study looked at online reviews for local retailers, and found Topeka customers are kinder than the national and state average.

Onyx salon owner, Heather Graves, relies on word of mouth to earn her clients' trust.

She said, "Positive reviews are definitely fantastic for getting people in the door."

She and other local retailers said online reviews are key to building their brand.

Graves said, "It kind of makes it easier for them to know who to ask for, and they can kind of identify who is good at that particular thing they're looking for."

Owner of The Tipsy Carrot, Pedro Cocepcion said, "I think every restaurant kind of relies on reviews when they first start."

The study was done by the software company 'Womply' and they rank Topeka 3rd in the state for positive online review rates.

Bob Ross, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Greater Topeka Partnership, said studies like this shift the narrative for the community.

"10 to 15 years ago we would have just been indicating others to go outside of the city for a great experience. Now, we are very boldly saying shop local, be local, because you can get the best experience in Kansas right here," Ross said.

The study found 86.8% of Topeka's online reviews are positive.

Ross said all that positivity reveals a lot about community pride.

He added, "People are shopping local and just proclaiming that this is our town, we love our businesses, and other people should shop here too."

Graves said she is just thankful. "We just continue to thank our customers for doing that and always encourage any feedback," she said.