Reaction to Mueller’s testimony, “I don’t really think we learned anything”

Though Mueller's office has said nothing publicly about the timing of a report, several...
Though Mueller's office has said nothing publicly about the timing of a report, several prosecutors detailed to Mueller's team have left in recent months, suggesting that the investigation is winding down.
Published: Jul. 24, 2019 at 5:43 PM CDT
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Local political experts say Robert Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill was not as eye opening as many had hoped.

“I don’t really think we learned anything today that we didn’t already know yesterday,” said Kansas State University professor Nate Birkhead,

He believes Robert Mueller stuck with a steady response to Wednesday’s questioning.

“He intended the report to be the final thing that he provided to the American public. So this testimony, he’s going to be as conservative as possible,” he added.

The lack of elaboration means neither side gained any fuel for their political fires.

Birkhead says many in the public didn’t pay much attention to the proceedings because the report was released months ago.

On Facebook, one person writes, “I'm watching it! I didn't learn anything new. I think it's a big waste of time and money!”

In another comment someone wrote, "History in the making. Concern about our democracy and voting issues."

Another said, “It would be a complete waste of time to watch another dog and pony show.”

“While the public interest may be being served, it’s often being served in a very theatrical way that doesn’t often serve the interest quite as deliberately as perhaps as it could otherwise,” added Birkhead.

He believes the way he answered is what made Mueller good at his job, keeping true to what he has already done.

“He’s been very by the book the entire time and he has not departed from his mandate the entire time,” he remarked.

Birkhead says at this point he will be watching what the reaction from the capitol will be over the next 24 hours.