Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue relocated horses to new facility in Geary County

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GEARY COUNTY, Kan. (WIBW) - Somewhere over the rainbow is a meadow that has been waiting for horses to roam, and Saturday afternoon, more than 40 horses were moved to their new facility.

Originally located in Sedan, Kansas, Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue spent the Saturday transporting their horses to their new facility south of Junction City.

With more than 20 volunteers, the horses loaded up in three groups of three to four trailers before they took off in waves to avoid causing congestion on the narrow roadways

These horses are part of the Rescue program, and have come from abandonment, owner surrender, or seizure by law enforcement from less than ideal situations.

The horses come to Rainbow Meadows are evaluated and trained to be adopted out for either riding or companion horses.

“We take the time, we do it right, we get that horse in a position to where…he’s good, it’s a good horse.” Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue & Retirement, Inc., Board President, Mark Courtney says.

“We want to take our rescued horses and give them an opportunity to actually serve the public and we’ll be looking to build an equine assistance psycho-therapy program.” Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue & Retirement, Inc., Executive Director, Karen Everhart says.

More information on Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue, how you can become involved or support their mission visit the Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue & Retirement, Inc. website.