REPORT: Kansans paying more real-estate, vehicle property tax than average

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) Feeling taxed? A new report says those who live in Kansas pay a premium for real-estate and vehicle property taxes compared to the national average.

Personal finance website Wallethub says of the 50 states and Washington D.C., Kansas comes in at number 37 for real-estate property tax rates.

The website says the sunflower state has an average tax rate of 1.41%, which amounts to a tax bill of just over $2,800 for a $145,000 house.

States with the cheapest real-estate tax rates are Hawaii, Alabama, Colorado and Louisiana.

The bottom of the list includes Connecticut, New Hampshire, Illinois, and New Jersey, with rates all above 2%


Source: WalletHub

Kansas didn't fare any better when it comes to vehicle property tax, coming in at #43.

For a $25,000 car, you'll pay just over 2% in taxes, which equals just over $500.

24 states have no vehicle property taxes at all.

Of the states that do, only eight are higher than Kansas.

At the bottom of the list is Virginia, where it would cost you just over $1,000 to put tags on the same $25,000 car.

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