RCPD warns returning K-Staters to stay off phones while driving

Published: Aug. 10, 2018 at 3:25 PM CDT
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Riley County Police want to remind returning K-State students to put the phone down while driving -- or face a fine.

Since 2010, it’s been illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone-- or even handle your phone while driving in the Little Apple-- unless it’s configured for hand-free use.

If caught, you will be hit with a $60 fine plus hefty court costs which quickly add up to more than $150.

RCPD Officer Brian London said distracted driving is a top cause of car accidents.

"Manhattan is unique its one of the few cities in Kansas where we do have the cell phone law. In the state of Kansas, you can use you hands to talk on the phone; it's not against the law," explained London.

"But once you enter the city limits of Manhattan, it is against the law."

In addition to this, the Kansas State Law prohibits texting while driving.