Pups put their best paw forward at the Capital City Classic Dog Show

TOPEKA, Kan, (WIBW) -- If you love dogs the Capital City Classic Dog Show was the perfect place to see 20 different breeds show off some of their best qualities.

Thursday’s competition at the Stormont Vail Event Center featured toy dogs.

Each pup was judged on their walk, smile, and of course their fur.

There was even a dog diving competition.

No matter their experience, each handler was excited to see their furry friend perform.

“I’ve been showing for 35 years, and I love it. It’s an addiction once you get started with it. It’s a costly addiction,” Gigi Zybco with the Toy Dog Club said.

Some owners spend thousands of dollars and hours of time to help their pampered pooch put their best paw forward.

“It’s a lot of products that we buy from shampoos to conditioners, sprays,” Zybco added.

Others spend a lot of time making sure their dogs are ready for show time.

“You gotta constantly build their confidence. You gotta constantly be worried about their emotions. You gotta constantly be worrying about the food that they eat, the exercise that they take,” handler Lynn Miller said.

While many handlers are looking to place first, they said spending time with their best pals is the biggest reward.

“Well if you’ve ever had dogs then that answer is quite clear. They are by far the best things ever known to man,” Miller added.

The Capital City Classic Dog Show continues August 16th – 25th at the Stormont Vail Event Center.