Tear gas and flash bangs used to breakup protest in downtown KC

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 12:54 AM CDT
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Protests that started out peaceful on Saturday ended in unrest on Saturday night.

What happened seemed to follow a pattern we have all seen happen nationally. Protests are calm and quiet during the day, then things start to get out of hand once night falls.

According to the KCPD, as of 10 p.m., "Several large violent groups of protesters have thrown bottles and rocks, blocked streets, looted businesses and been unlawful."

The police said that arrests were made and that they had deployed tear gas.

On Twitter, KCPD said, "As tonight’s protests continue; we respect everyone’s right to peacefully gather and protest, we have used CS gas (known as “tear gas”) to encourage people to remain out of the street in compliance with city ordinances. We will continue to ensure a peaceful night for everyone."

They also said, "We appreciate those who are expressing themselves peacefully. We hear you. Bottles have been thrown at police officers and vehicles damaged. We're doing our best to maintain order and keep everyone safe."

They said rocks were thrown and that some type of fireworks-like device was ignited in a park.

The police said protesters were trying to break into businesses on The Plaza, as well. KCTV5's reported damage was done to Ricca Sposa, a bridal store.

Outside agencies have responded to assist the KCPD.

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