Professionals offer advice on work-life balance while stuck at home

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic doesn't mean staying away from work.

Balancing work and personal time when working from home can be a challenge. Parents are trying to earn a living while having to entertain their children.

Mental health experts at Valeo Behavorial Health have some advice for those struggling with the dual responsibilities.

“When we're with our families, it tends to be a lot of time together,” Mental health Technician Theryn Spomer said. “Which can be wonderful and great, but also, pretty taxing especially for someone who might be used to be out of the house 10 hours a day. So, make sure that you're prioritizing things like being alone sometimes.”

The Valeo Behavioral Health Care Clinic also suggested to create structure while at home, but not too much to where it becomes stressful.