Poll: 54% expect President Trump to win second term

President Donald Trump has a good chance to get reelected, according to a new poll released this week. / Source: MGN
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(KNOE) - A new poll bodes well for President Donald Trump's reelection chances.

The poll, released by CNN, shows that most respondents expect the incumbent Commander-in-Chief to win a second term. 54% expect him to win in 2020. Only 41% believe he will lose. 5% were recorded as having no opinion.

This is up from December of 2018 when only 43% said they believed he would win.

The poll also asked people about the economy, immigration policy, and foreign threats. Most respondents approved of the way Trump is handling the economy (52% vs 41%) with men approving more so than women (63% for men vs. 42% for women.)

On immigration, the president fared poorer. Only 41% of respondents approved of the way he's handling immigration vs. 54% who did not approve. Again, men approved more than women at a rate of 50% to 33%. The highest approval among the non-political demographics was with white non-college grads at 61%.

According to CNN, interviews were conducted from May 28-31, 2019 among a sample of 1,006 respondents. 355 landline respondents were contacted. 651 cell phone respondents were contacted.

34% described themselves as Democrats, 27% described themselves as Republicans, and 39% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

Sampling error is 3.8.

You can view the entire poll here.