Plans for park in NOTO Arts District in full swing

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A goal to build a park in the NOTO Arts District is in full swing.

4th graders from Quincy Elementary School helped with the groundbreaking ceremony on the future Redbud Park Tuesday morning. The park would be across the street from NOTO Arts Center.

The NOTO District hopes to turn the current parking lot into a sculpture park and event space while adding some greenery.

The executive director of NOTO says the park will compliment the district.

"This is gonna be a place where you can come and you can relax and you can enjoy the visual arts," said Thomas Underwood. "We're looking at rotating sculptures, we're looking at a performance deck, an outdoor stage. We're gonna keep the building and clean it up. It's gonna be an event venue. So this is gonna be a place when they come to NOTO, either just to stop and enjoy and relax, we're gonna have events and activities."

Underwood says they've raised $900,000 for the park so far.