Perry Lake to begin releasing water

Hookers N Reelers on Lake Perry is dealing with some flooding. They’ve been moving most things out of the restaurant or to the second level as water comes in. (WIBW/Cecelia Jenkins)

PERRY, Kan. (WIBW) - Perry Lake will begin releasing thousands of gallons of water Sunday afternoon at 6:00 after reaching near-maximum water levels.

The US Army Corps of Engineers says the release must be done to ensure the dam remains safe.

Perry Lake is currently less than a foot away from record-breaking water levels recorded in 1993.

They will start releasing water at a rate of 7,480 gallons (1,000 cubic feet) per-second, eventually ramping up releases to 74805 gps (10,000 cfs) by Monday morning.

Once water levels begin to drop, maximum releases will be held until the reservoir pool has dropped below 920.6 feet.