Payless Company: Rent negotiations could close Wanamaker Road location

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TOPEKA (WIBW)-- Payless officials say, rent negotiations could close its Wanamaker Road location.

In a statement released Tuesday, Payless spokesperson Cristi Allen said when the company filed for Chapter 11 in April, its goal was to optimize its footprint in the U.S and Puerto Rico.

She said as part of managing the company's real estate portfolio. The company has been working diligently to negotiate rent prices on the remaining leases.

Allen said many negotiations have been positive, allowing them to keep the remaining stores open, she says the company has not been able to make progress with other store locations. Such as the one on Wanamaker Road.

She said the company has filed a motion with the court requesting the authority to close 112 stores and the authority to close 296 stores in the U.S and Puerto Rico.

The motion is scheduled for June 8th.

The announcement comes after the discount footwear retailer announced it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, closing 400 underperforming stores.