Paul Davis concedes to Steve Watkins

LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) -- After a tough battle with Republican Steve Watkins, Democratic candidate Paul Davis conceded to his crowd of supporters. Thanking them for the help during his campaign for the 2nd Congressional District.

"Your belief in me and your belief in this cause is something that I will never forget," Davis said.

He also announced that this will be his final time seeking public office.

"Tonight, marks the conclusion of my last run for public office,” Davis said. “It's time for me to turn a page in the next chapter of my life, but I'm not going to back away from the things that I believe in."

Davis said he hopes to stay involved in politics and one day help the next generation of politicians.

"Seeing new fresh faces in the world like we have in this past election has been incredibly encouraging for myself as a 20 year old woman to run in the future,” Cameron Smith, a Paul Davis supporter, said. “It really encourages the younger people of America."

During his concession, Davis wished Watkins luck in congress.

"I want offer my sincere congratulations to Steve Watkins, who I spoke with just a few minutes ago,” Davis said. “Steve has served our country and I wish him the very best in the days ahead.”