Patient tests positive for COVID-19 at Stormont Vail, but is not Shawnee Co. resident

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A patient at the Stormont Vail Health hospital in Topeka tested positive for coronavirus, or COVID-19, Tuesday afternoon. They were referred to Stormont Vail from a facility outside of Shawnee County. The result of the test was received within 48 hours.

Stormont Vail Health has placed the patient in a negative airflow isolation room and is requiring any doctors or nurses who are caring for the patient to wear personal protective equipment such as a respirator, gloves and gowns.

With precautions in place, the hospital will remain open to patients and visitors.

Dr. Robert Kenagy will join leaders at a 5 p.m. news briefing at the Shawnee County Health Department. The news briefing will be streaming live on our Facebook page at