Parents upset that physical attacks go unreported

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Parents at a Topeka elementary school are upset school officials are not letting them know when their child has been in a physical confrontation.

"She was punched in the stomach 4 times by a little boy. The time before that, she was punched two or three times in the stomach by a little boy," Steve Liske recalled what his daughter told him.

He took to social media, frustrated over what his daughter Ava endured.

"The school never calls you and tells you about it. You only hear it from your daughter," he complained.

After his post, more parents chimed in saying they had similar issues at the school. 13 News reached out to the 501 Superintendents office about the reports. The only reply we received was, "When a parent has a concern, we encourage them to address that with the principal directly."

"The assistant principal called me. The principal never did,” Liske recalled. “He pretty much left it at he's not allowed to tell me what their disciplinary programs are. Even though it is take them out of the classroom for 15 minutes and put them right back in. Or take them out and put them in a think tank for about an hour."

Liske and other parents say they were told the children who are causing the issues often have been identified as having behavioral issues. Another parent who wanted to remain anonymous said if one of those students has an incident, the child would be removed or the whole class would be evacuated. Saying, “There have been kids throwing desks and chairs, hitting kids, screaming and cussing and nothing gets done.”

"I think she just takes it as normal now. So then we're going to send them out into the world expecting to get beat up. Like, what kind of example are we setting?," asked Liske.
We reached out to the district office several times about this. We also wanted to know what is done to help students who have behavioral issues.

The district only repeated their first response, "when a parent has a concern, we encourage them to address that with the principal directly."

Parents who have children at other schools throughout the district tell us they have also had similar issues. Some have said they’re happy with their child’s school in general, but agree that something has to be done about communication between the school and parents when something happens.