Panda parade, teachers from Amanda Arnold Elementary School toured students' neighborhoods

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 7:31 PM CDT
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Looking for a way to interact with their students while still practicing social distancing teachers from Amanda Arnold Elementary School in Manhattan decided to post a parade around the neighborhoods where their students live.

Teachers gathered in front of the school Wednesday morning adding decorations and writing their names on the windows of their vehicles so that students could easily identify them when they drove past

The school notified parents and students Tuesday regarding what time to expect the teachers to come through, and what the routes would be.

Student stood in their yards along the edge of the street at the corner in the neighborhood closest to where teachers would drive past.

Many of the students made signs for their teachers and waved enthusiastically as they drove past some even yelled greetings to their teachers that they recognized.

“It’s been really hard since school’s been closed. Kids miss the teachers, teachers miss the kids, and we just want to spread some cheer and spread some love throughout our school community.” Amanda Arnold Elementary School, principal, Kathy Stitt says.

This was a great experience for both the teachers and the students as they have not seen each other since before spring break. Other schools around Manhattan and northeast Kansas have done teacher parades as well.

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