Our puppy dogs will cash in this Christmas; Cats not so much

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(WIBW) -- It looks like a year's worth of tail wags and rushing to greet you at the door is about to pay off for man's best friend.

A new survey shows Americans are going to break the bank this year for their canine companions, especially when compared to their feline counterparts.

Dogs are going to get 2.5 times the number of gifts as cats this Christmas (and will probably enjoy them five times as much), according to SLI Systems PwC's Holiday Outlook.

Their survey of site search trends found the average pet owner will spend $62 on their four-legged friends. Millennials will dig a little deeper than everyone else, shelling out $81 each, while Gen Xer's are a close second, at $79. That's a lot of dog bones and cat nip.

And, we apparently really want our pups to get a good night's sleep. Dog beds topped the list of most searched items, twice as popular as the number two search term: dog collars. Toys, treats, and coats round out the top five for them.

When it comes to cats, we're just finding ways to keep them entertained. Cat toys topped the list of most popular items, while "scratch" items were right behind them. Cat nip even popped up as the fourth most searched term, right after cat beds.