Osage County veteran gets help just in time, from his two-year old canine buddy

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TOPEKA (WIBW) -- MP Brian Wiggans has served from Korea to Kosovo and beyond in places like Egypt and Iraq. But his decision to take early retirement after 17 years, led him to a depression that spiraled out of control for him.. after he stopped serving his county.

He couldn't be around other people in his non-military life, often hiding when friends and family came over to his home.

“And that’s when things started getting bad. I didn’t have a sense of doing something, cause I wasn’t able to work because of my back, and everything’s all messed up..”

Brian says he was ready to end it all, when he was notified that his request from the K9s for Warriors organization was approved. He would be paired later in Ponte Vedra, Florida, with a special service dog named Mako.

“I’ve done more since April than anytime before, I’ve gone to races, to concerts, to the zoo with my grandkids. She’s a great dog," Brian told us.

Watch more of their special story in this Red Couch interview. Any veteran in need of a canine friend can contact the organization to get things started.

“They’re great people and if it weren’t for Sherry Duvall, who founded the Warriors, I wouldn’t be here.”