Osage Co. neighbors live in fear of emaciated dogs

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 5:48 PM CDT
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Around 20 dogs stemming from a property about a mile and a half west of Lyndon in Osage Co. are worrying neighbors.

"People are scared to let their children or grandchildren out in the yard to play,” Don Hook, a nearby resident, said. "Residents will not let their children go out to the bus stop, most of us our carrying a gun so we can take care of, protect ourselves."

In recent months, Hook says the situation has escalated.

"We've been dealing with the dogs since roughly June of 2018,” Sheriff Laurie Dunn with the Osage Co. Sheriff’s Office, said. “The dogs have been at large causing issues with neighbors, problems."

Several small animals, and even one person, have been attacked.

"The dogs are not being fed and are very hungry, so they're becoming more aggressive," Hook said. “We have about seven small children within a quarter of a mile of that. One child has been hurt in the yard already."

Dunn says a family member of the resident who owns the dogs has been bitten.

Currently, the sheriff's office is reaching out for help with the situation.

"We're looking at the ASPCA office to help us, because there's no place to take them,” Dunn said. "We don't have a facility to seize the dogs and put dogs in of that magnitude. The state of Kansas does not."

More than a dozen residents faced the county commission this week to voice their concerns.

Currently, the legal process on the matter is continuing through the county attorney's office.

"There are rescue places that would take them, but rescue places aren't going to hold them for me until we're done with court cases,” Dunn said. “Our hands are tied. If we can get a relinquishment, then that's a different story."

Dunn says the sheriff's office is working to handle the situation.

"Until we can have an order to relinquish her rights, or the person surrenders their rights, I'm not gonna pick on just this one person but that's how the law works,” Dunn said. “You either surrender, or we get a court order."

Dunn says the dogs are referred to as American Tundra Shepherds, but that can only be confirmed through DNA testing.

13 NEWS out to the owner of the property where the dogs are from, but have not heard back.

Around 20 dogs are causing concern in Osage County after several small animals have been killed, and one person has been...

Posted by WIBW Marleah Campbell on Friday, October 11, 2019

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