1 defendant, not 3, face charges in Junction City Christmastime killings

Dion Green
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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) -- When a capital murder case started Tuesday in a Geary County District Courtroom, only one man, Dion Jamel Green, sat at the defense table facing a judge.

Green, 33, who is charged with two counts of capital murder, will return to court in Junction City on Aug. 14 for a preliminary hearing. Green also is scheduled to appear at a motion hearing or status hearing on April 11.

Charges alleging links to the deaths of Jenna Schafer, 31, and her unborn baby have been dismissed against two other men, according to Geary County District Court and Geary County Jail records on Tuesday.

The charge of capital murder against Mashaun Jay Baker, 33, of Junction City, was dismissed on Feb. 21, according to the court.

A charge of conspiracy to commit capital murder has been dismissed in the case of Jeremiah Joseph Grubb. Grubb, 37, was released from Geary County Jail on Jan. 31 after a $2,500 cash or surety bond was posted on one count of stalking, according to jail records.

Green is charged with one count of capital murder in the shooting death of Schafer and a second count of capital murder in the killing of her unborn child.

The killings occurred either on Christmas Day 2018 or Christmas eve day, court records say.

As Green faced the judge on Tuesday, Schafer's mother, brother and a sister-in-law sat in the courtroom a short distance from him.

Security was heavy in the courtroom. Four Geary County sheriff's deputies stood behind and to one side of Green, and other law enforcement officers sat across the room.

In one motion, defense attorneys sought permission for Green to wear civilian clothing in future hearings, saying that wearing jail garb during pre-trial hearings would prejudice Green. On Tuesday, he wore orange coveralls and crocks in court.

Geary County Magistrate Judge Charles Zimmerman granted the clothing request.

The defense also asked that Green be allowed to appear in court without visible restraints, such as a leg brace or "shock belt," rather than handcuffs. Green will wear visible restraints during court hearings, the judge said.

Kansas law defines capital murder as:

  • the killing of someone in the commission of a kidnapping or aggravated kidnapping;
  • the contract killing of a victim; the killing of an inmate in a state correctional facility;
  • the killing of someone during a rape, criminal sodomy, aggravated criminal sodomy or any attempted sexual assault; the killing of a law enforcement officer;
  • the killing of more than one person;
  • and the killing of a child younger than 14 in the kidnapping or aggravated kidnapping of the child with the intent to commit a sex offense.