Olathe police say there was no gunfire at festival despite panic

When police pressed her for more information about the drunk driver, the woman gave her own license plate and started laughing on the phone. (Source: Gray News)
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OLATHE, Kan. (AP) — Panic broke out at a suburban Kansas City festival that celebrates pioneer history after festivalgoers falsely believed shots had been fired.

The Kansas City Star reports it was unclear what led some attendees to begin running and taking cover Saturday night at the Johnson County Old Settlers event in Olathe, Kansas. Police said Sunday that reports of gunfire weren't substantiated. Amid the chaos, one woman fell and was hurt.

Sixteen-year-old Mel Hipsher says she was with her friends getting tokens for games when she saw a group push through the crowd, running. The teen says she and her friends also started running. She says she heard someone yell about a shooter.

Word was quickly spread on social media about a purported shooting at the event that includes music and rides.