Ohio waits, but 3 states are holding Presidential primaries today

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Voters are going the polls in three states today — Florida, Illinois and Arizona as the battle for the White House continues, with complications from the coronavirus pandemic.

Ohio was also supposed to vote Tuesday, but after the state closed the polls, citing warnings about the spread of coronavirus, the state Supreme Court agreed with the decision, ruling early Tuesday that Ohio's primary could be moved to July 2nd.

Other states have been moving their primaries in response to the virus. Georgia, which had been scheduled to vote on March 24, has postponed its primary until May. Louisiana, which had been set to vote on April 24, has postponed its primary until June.

The effects of the virus have already taken hold on the 2020 election. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders participated in a debate on Sunday night in Washington D.C. without a live audience. Coronavirus took center stage as both candidates were pressed on what they would do to address the pandemic.

"This is bigger than any one of us," Biden said. "This calls for a national rallying of everybody together."

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced at a news conference on Tuesday morning that the state will move its primary from April 28 until June 2nd. The state Board of Elections issued a statement shortly after that "fully supports" Hogan's decision.