Teens help build new youth center in Ogden

Published: Jan. 27, 2018 at 9:48 PM CST
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A partnership with The House Café and the Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program led to a day of demolition for a new teen center coming to Ogden.

The Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program helped demolish an old building Saturday, that will be transformed into a teen center.

"Kinda saw some teenagers drop out of school get caught up in drugs. Then started thinking about what do we do," said Executive Director of The House Cafe Chris Jacobs.

The Cafe is a non-profit that teaches teens work ethic and responsibility. Owners are expanding to create a place for teens to learn and stay out of trouble.

"So essentially we have a coffee shop and as it makes money we put it back in the community. So with the money it makes we want to do scholarships, we want to build the teen center we’re working on today to give them something to do on the weekends cause that’s when they make bad choices," explained Jacobs.

15-year-old Julie Martes volunteers at The House Café and is excited about what's to come.

"Sometimes when we have no place to go we like to go in the street and cause trouble so when we’re bored we just come over here and hang out," said Martes.

The center will be a place for teens to get help with homework, receive job skill traning, and socialize with friends.

Scott Olesky a 2017-2018 class member of the Flint Hills Regional Leadership programs says the group chose The House Cafe as their project because its in an areas where helps needed.

"Its about partnerships if we don't work together to make everything better in our areas then its not going to work," explained Olesky.

Olesky continued by saying, "By bringing everybody together we can learn from each other we can find our strengths and our weaknesses and we can find people to fill those weaknesses and work together to be better."

Teen volunteer Spencer Lancaster said Ogden is a small community and is happy to the Teen Center is coming.

"We don’t have a lot and with the teen center it’s going to give teens more opportunities to start learning at their own pace learning what they want and giving us a place to hang out and have fun," said Lancaster.

The House Café teaches teens work ethic by volunteering in the Café.

It's a non-profit seeking to minister to its youth through the selling of tea and coffee. Proceeds go toward the teen center and other needs of the community.