Emails reveal exchange between former KHP head, chief counsel's husband

Published: Jun. 26, 2019 at 5:26 PM CDT
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The Kansas Highway Patrol released email exchanges between the man who was married to the agency’s attorney, and the head of the patrol at the time. The e-mails allege affairs between co-workers, and accuse agency leaders of hiding them.

Col. Mark Bruce and Lt. Col. Randy Moon were let go from their jobs as the patrol's top two leaders in March. At the time, the governor's office said only it was clear new leadership was needed, but did not detail why.

The newly released emails chronicle exchanges between Kyle Lord and Bruce, who was then KHP Superintendent. Lord accuses KHP leadership of covering up a relationship between Lord’s then-wife and KHP General Counsel Tammie Lord and Patrol Capt. Craig Phillips.

One email from Kyle Lord says Tammie admitted to having a relationship with Phillips in 2017 and 2018, stating the two would often have sexual relations in an office, after hours when staff had left. They would also text and call each other repeatedly during work hours.

Kyle Lord questioned why Bruce was not investigating, and accused him of sweeping it under the rug because she knew Bruce was having an affair.

In a reply, Bruce said he takes the allegation very seriously and assured nothing was being swept under the rug. He also warns Kyle Lord many of the things he put “in writing as facts, are rumors, partial truths or complete false and could cause great harm.”

Lord replied saying he had evidence, and perceived some of Bruce’s message as a “thinly veiled threat.” A reply from Bruce denies that, stating he was trying to protect his staff from unfair and untrue allegations.

Another email adds, “I inform you of an impending investigation. You perceive a threat and are willing to be attacked. Yet, it’s my character that is assassinated.”

Kyle fired back, “I have no doubt you’ll lie to protect yourself,” to which Bruce replied the Department of Administration would conduct an investigation.

13 NEWS filed an open records request with the Kansas Department of Administration for records of their investigation. They have not provided any documents from the request.

Both Tammie Lord and Capt. Craig Phillips still work for the Kansas Highway Patrol.