New law expected to save more lives during overdoses

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- In a few days, a new law could help pharmacists save lives when they're confronted with an overdose.

The law will let them give life-saving medication - called an emergency opioid antagonist - to patients, first responders, school nurses, and bystanders with out a prescription, the Kansas Pharmacists Association said. It goes into effect on July 1st.

“We believe this law will save lives,” said Dr. Jody Reel, Kansas Pharmacists Association Governmental Affairs Chairperson. “Pharmacies already play an important role in the improvement of our individual and population health, and this law allows us to do even more.”

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Pharmacists won't be allowed to dispense the medication to just anyone, however. Anyone receiving it must go through a consultation designed to help them identify someone who is overdosing, how to administer the medicine. The program also urges them to call 911 as soon as possible.