New ideas are key to bringing new workforce to Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Go Topeka says it is coming up with ideas to bring as many young professionals to the Capitol City as possible. But, a lot of those plans are still in the works.

“A lot of young professionals are choosing where they would like to live and then they find job after that,” said Go Topeka Senior Vice President of Economic Development Molly Howey

Go Topeka, which is under the umbrella of the Greater Topeka Partnership, is putting a new focus on the project.

“Growing the talent here is what keeps businesses here, and we need the businesses here to keep our community thriving,” Howey explained.

One idea they're considering to attract talent, paying people to move to town. Howey says it’s just a concept at this point.

“We toss around ideas all the time to try and figure out different ways to be creative and competitive. We’re competing against every city in the nation and some across the world for talent,” she detailed.

A similar program is being used in Tulsa, a town four times larger than Topeka, as part of a larger overall plan. Howey says Go Topeka has a long way to go before it rolls out a plan.

“I wouldn’t even say this concept has a name or anything like that at this point. It’s very early but I would welcome people to give us feedback. If they have ideas or have other best practices that you’ve seen work in other communities, we’re exploring all options right now,” Howey explained.

Howey says downtown Topeka revitalization, and quality of life improvements also are factors in recruiting talent.

According to a survey, Kansas is tied as 6th best state for the millennial workforce. The survey attributes that to low cost of living.