Objections Board: New Yorkers need not apply for Governor

TOPKEA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A New York man won't be allowed to run for governor of Kansas.

That was the ruling Tuesday by the state's Board of Objections. They convened to hear the objection by the head of state Republican Party over the candidacy of Andy Maskin. By a 2-1 margin, the Board upheld the objection - with Attorney General Derek Schmidt and the Chief Council of the Governor’s Office Brant Laue backing the GOP position and Assistant to the Secretary of State Eric Rucker voting against it.

"I think the right outcome here is what the board did today,” Schmidt said. “Which is to say, ‘You have to be a Kansan, as a matter of law, to run for governor of Kansas.’"

Maskin, who calls New York City home, traveled to Topeka for the first time in his life last Tuesday to get his name on the GOP primary ballot. After filing, Maskin held his first - and only - campaign stop at the Celtic Fox.

"I believe strongly that under current Kansas law,” Maskin said in a statement to the Board. “I am eligible to run for governor and my candidacy is legally valid."

The very next day, Kansas Republican Executive Director Jim Joice filed his objection on the basis of residency.

The decision is final barring an overruling by court order on May 21.