A WWII veteran celebrates 100th birthday

(WIBW/Danielle Martin)
(WIBW/Danielle Martin)(WIBW)
Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 6:40 PM CST
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Myron Wilson celebrated his 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends on Monday.

"I've enjoyed many many years, good years," Wilson said.

Myron says he's not surprised about reaching this milestone of his life.

"My father made it to 102 and a half and I said I got to beat that," Wilson emphasized.

He says he's not sure there's a 'secret success' to living life for this amount of time.

"I really don't know. I thought about that a lot, but I don't know the answer."

Myron does know that he is extremely proud that he was able to serve his country.

Wilson was in the army for 6 years, one of his stops was in California, where he worked with a unit whose job was to destroy tanks during World War II. Then he was stationed 5 months in the Philippians, leaving the army with the rank of captain.

"You know there is a lot of men and women who left their homes and families to defend this country and the flag, what we have. Many of them never returned, but they're still remembered within our flag."

He honors his fellow soldiers and his country with patriotic poems until this day.

"Touch and stand beside me a symbol of liberty, a standard of justice, an emblem of man's faith, a beacon shining into the darkness and here I'll always be, for I am the stars and stripes forever, I am old glory."

Wilson says his life is something to remember, "very glad to have another day in front of me. I've enjoyed life really there's been struggles, but life has been good to us."

Myron says a real good moment in his life is when he married his soul mate, Wanda.