Mom clings to her infant as tornado tosses them through the air

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NEW ORLEANS (CNN) --- A mother's quick thinking before a tornado may have been the one thing that saved her daughter's life.

Amanda Stockfelt strapped her eight-week-old into her car seat, shielding the baby from serious injury as the two were tossed by a tornado in Louisiana Tuesday.

"I heard the sound of a freight train and I was holding her. All I could think of was putting her back in her car seat," she recalled. "So I put her in the car seat, buckled her up, and put her underneath my work desk. I crawled underneath there with her and locked my arm around the handle of her car seat."

Within moments, as Stockfelt huddled under desk with her daughter and another co-worker, her worst fear unfolded with unyielding fury.

"We heard the trailer coming apart and then we flipped over backwards and then it's like the trailer exploded and me and the baby went flying through the air and I saw the sky, the inside of the vortex, I saw her and her car seat above my head and then we hit the ground," she said.

As the young mother flew through the air, she gripped tightly to her newborn as Mother Nature devoured steel and tore through buildings tossing her relentlessly.

She had only one thing on her mind.

"Don't let go, just don't let go, that's all I could think about was don't let go," she said. "I couldn't think of anything else because I knew if I let go I wouldn't be able to find her and I didn't know if she was dead, I didn't know if she was hurt, I didn't care about me, I didn't even feel my injuries until hours later. I was just worried about her, that's it."

Moments after the tornado passed, Stockfelt was captured on Facebook Live, still in shock.

"I have to say shout out to Graco. Graco makes the best car seats in the world because without her being in that car seat, I don't know what would've happened to her," she said.

Now as she takes stock of the place where she works, nearly annihilated, she can breathe easy knowing her little Autumn still has her smile, something she'll never let go.

"It's just inconceivable. I couldn't imagine, I mean, I'm thinking my job's gone, the only car we had is gone, but she was OK, I was OK, and everything else can be replaced," she said.

Louisiana's governor says seven confirmed tornadoes were recorded in at least six different parishes. The storm system damaged dozens of homes and businesses and left thousands without power.

He says it was a miracle no one was killed.