Midland Care Meals on Wheels receives grant from Evergy for COVID-19 response

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Evergy is offering a helping hand to frontline workers, businesses and customers impacted by COVID-19.

A contribution of $2.2 million will aid community relief efforts, including emergency grants.

“We’re a long standing member of the community and we’re working up to 150 years in serving the community,” Evergy spokeswoman Gina Penzig said Wednesday.

"Our business is here we are as reliant on our communities being vital as our community is on us so to reinvest and provide support to our communities in a time like this it just makes sense."

Midland Care Connection Meals on Wheels in Topeka is a recipient of an emergency grant.

Penzig said Evergy is familiar with the mission of Meals on Wheels.

"We've actually had volunteers from our employee base who have helped deliver meals on wheels for decades and so there's a partnership there that's been longstanding and when we understood that they needed additional help right now it was a logical agency to assist. "

The funds helped with the purchase of a week's worth of shelf friendly meals for distribution to 500 people to be used in the event part of the workflow is disrupted as a result of the pandemic.

"There are still homebound, frail and elderly seniors among us that still need that nutrition,”Zach Aherns Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Midland Care said. “Also that well being that check in we've had to change and reassign our volunteers and some of our administrative staff that is able to focus on those other areas just to make sure those seniors are safe and they're thriving."

Ahrens says the grant allows Meals on Wheels to better concentrate on their mission.

“Through the grant at Evergy it certainly does alleviate some of the anxiety that not only the individuals that we serve through meals on wheels have but also for us,” he said.

"We have been serving many of these clients for a long time and you build that relationship and so to know that they're nutritional needs are being taken care of because of evergy's gift allows us to focus on other areas like caring for those we love and looking for the needs of others at the same time."