Manhatttan's Sports Taskforce focuses on Sports Tourism in the Little Apple

Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 7:47 PM CDT
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The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce has recently released the findings of the Sports Tourism Taskforce, which identified areas of improvement for attracting more sporting events to the area.

One of the top priorities is to improve communications between facilities, coaches, families, and tournament directors ensuring that the same message is being sent using multiple platforms.

Concessions and food availability are another hot topic, determining rules regarding outside food, for example, whether or not a facility can handle the extra pull of electricity needed for slow cookers.

With Manhattan’s sports facilities being shared by numerous organizations, scheduling the use of the facilities and availability needs to be communicated properly.

Another key element in attracting sports events to Manhattan is the availability of public Wi-Fi. It has become an expectation to have access to Wi-Fi.

“Their job was to talk to other people in the community, share their own experiences, gather information from a variety of others who are involved in sports tourism with their own kids and learn from other communities.” Sports Tourism, Chairperson, Taskforce Gail Urban says.

The Task Force has finished phase one of their initiative and will continue to research what the city of Manhattan needs to do to compete with other communities to draw more sporting events to city.

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