Man who said he was an eyewitness to the triple homicide takes the stand

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — A man who said he was an eyewitness to the killings of three victims in the March triple homicide testified in court today.

Richard Folsom was escorted into the courtroom where Assistant District Attorney Dan Dunbar asked him several questions about the triple murder last March 11th.

Folsom said he and Joseph Krahn were hanging out at a home on NW Winter, planning on selling items to buy methamphetamine.

Folsom said he and Krahn met Kora Liles at a gas station to discuss selling her a shotgun and a pocket watch and then went to her house on NW Grant.

While at the house, Folsom said Joseph Lowry was working on a car in the back and Brian Flowers showed up while they were there. When they were outside, Folsom said Lowry ran up to him and Krahn and said “if you don’t want to be involved, go back inside.”

He said he and Krahn went inside and a short time later, Matthew Leavitt and Shane Mays pulled up to the house to pick up Nichole Fisher.

Folsom said that’s when Bryan Flowers and Joseph Lowry went out to the car, and forced Mays, Leavitt and Fisher inside at gunpoint, while Kora Liles watched. Once inside, they had all three go to the basement.

Folsom said he and Krahn left, and went back to the house on NW Winter.

About a half hour had passed, Krahn received a phone call, and the two went back to the house on Grant. Krahn went inside, but Folsom said he waited outside for about an hour. In that hour, he said Luke Davis came up to him and asked him for a ride. When Folsom said he couldn’t, Davis went to the front door of the house.

Folsom continued to wait outside for another half hour, and then went inside, and sat in the dining room. He said a short time later, Flowers, Liles, and Krahn moved into the living room, and then Lowry brought Mays, Leavitt and Fisher up from the basement at gunpoint, and took them to the living room.

Nicole Fisher was tied up, and Luke Davis was kneeling by the love seat in the front room. Folsom said Mays and Leavitt were frightened when told to sit on a couch. Fisher was calm, and Folsom said she might have been on drugs.

Fisher was then moved to an office chair in the living room. Folsom said that’s when Joseph Krahn put a black plastic trash bag over Fisher's head, but then removed it after approximately 30 seconds. She was still alive at that time.

Kora Liles was then told to leave, and she left out the front door.

Fisher was moved, and then Davis was ordered to the chair. Folsom said Krahn started to tie up Davis and put a bag over his head, but he broke free and darted for the front door. Folsom said Krahn tackled Davis at the front door with the help of Lowry. Folsom said that’s when Krahn pulled out a knife, and stabbed Davis, grabbed a electrical cord from a fan and strangled him.

Folsom recalls that’s when Mays started pleading for his life. Leavitt was also pleading for his. Folsom said Krahn and Lowry told Mays that if he killed someone, he would be spared. Leavitt was not offered the same deal, because Folsom said he had raped Kora Liles.

Fisher was then put back in the office chair, bound with zip ties. She didn’t fight the order, and sat down.

Mays was then ordered to place a bag over Fisher's head. Folsom said he put the bag over her head for about 15 second, and when she started to squirm, Mays stopped and Krahn suffocated Fisher.

Folsom said Mays began to plead for his life again. Saying he didn’t want to die, and started crying.

Krahn then went back to the couch where Leavitt was sitting, and begging for his live, and Folsom said he began to beat Leavitt who tried to fight back. Folsom said Krahn put a plastic bag over his head, and then started to strangle him. Folsom said he recalls Krahn smiling, while he strangled Leavitt.

Folsom told prosecutors he left after Leavitt died, giving the excuse he had to take the car he was driving back to his dad. Krahn let him leave.

Folsom said he went back to his house on Winter, and went to bed. He later woke up and found Krahn watching him. Folsom said Krahn talked to him about what would happen if he talked to police. Folsom said that’s why he didn’t go to Police, and waited to talk to them until he was taken into custody at the same time Krahn was, while at the house on Winter.

The second day of the triple murder preliminary hearing continues this afternoon.