Man caught on camera licking California family's doorbell

(Source: Dave & Sylvia Dungan)
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MONTEREY-SALINAS, Calif. (CNN/KION) -- A California family is upset at a creepy trespasser who took "gross" to a whole new level. He was caught on camera licking their doorbell.

"Pretty creepy stuff," said one neighbor.

"Comical in a sense," said another.

It is reminiscent of Adam Sandler's intercom shenanigans in Happy Gilmore.

But police say this is no laughing matter.

They say the suspect spent three hours licking the doorbell and milling around the family's yard. The footage also showed the man appearing to relieve himself.

A security camera captured the incident and notified the owners, who were out of town. Their kids were at home, but they didn't wake up to the noise.

Authorities say the footage helped them identify the suspect, Roberto Daniel Arroyo. They are still looking for the man, but say he could face a number of charges.

"This just kind of re-enforces how important it is to have security within your home," said the homeowners.