Are your digital devices secure before heading back to school?

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 6:09 PM CDT
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As kids go back to school it's important for parents to remember to secure digital devices for privacy and safety.

A new school year can mean new digital devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones, and while new technology can open up a world of new learning possibilities for students, it also can bring things like scammers and harmful content.

To protect a students' digital device it’s important to set up filters and parental monitoring to block inappropriate content, including pornography.

A virtual private network or VPN should be used when using public Wi-Fi to provide online privacy.

And it might seem like a given, but students should never share their password to their device, not even with their friends.

Tech expert Donna Rice Hughes says to do all of those things, but also don’t forget to have an internet safety conversation with the kids.

“Just to keep those lines of communication open so that that parent will be the trusted adult that that child comes to in case they run across danger,” Hughes explained.

It's also important to review rules for online etiquette and cyberbullying going into the new school year.