Local veteran seeks donations for sports park

WAKARUSA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Max Cohen, Director of Heroes Memorial Sports Park Inc., wants to create a sports park where other veterans can enjoy their time peacefully with their families on his plot of land in Wakarusa.

"I have PTSD and a lot of other veterans have PTSD, so I kind of know what they're looking for," Cohen said. "To be able to get out and spend time with their kids and not worry about bad things happening."

Cohen said Heroes Memorial Park will include camping areas, cabins, bath houses and other entertainment facilities.

Heroes Memorial Sports Park Inc. is a non-profit organization. They're looking for donations to make Cohen's idea come to life.

"It's just something I feel I have to do,"Cohen said. "Leave something behind that a lot of people in the future will be able to really enjoy."

Cohen adds that he want a "peaceful place" for veterans to enjoy their time with their families.

The project is split into 4 phases totaling more than $800,000. Phase 1 will cost $20,000 alone.

"We're just hoping people see what's going on and will like to donate to us so we can get this project done.

For donation information you can go to their Facebook page or make a donation here.