Local students donate to Project Topeka

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Local students wrapped up an annual food drive with heavy lifting early Friday.

5th grade students at Christ the King Catholic School loaded trucks with boxes of food to donate to Project Topeka.

The campaign is held in celebration of Catholic Schools Week, and has been a 5th grade tradition for the past 24 years. Students were challenged to bring five cans a day since last Monday.

Students were split into two groups--A and B, to see who could raise the most food. The winners of the campaign will be allowed to wear jeans to school.

"All of our grades do different service projects throughout the year but Project Topeka is one of the biggest ones for us," Principal Relynn Reynoso said. "The entire school and community is involved, so they have a really good time and they definitely get into it!"

The students don't know how much food they have raised so far, but last year, the school raised over two tons of food.