Local senior center has fun with fashion show

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It was an afternoon filled with fun and fashion at a local senior center!

Residents at LULAC Senior Center partnered with Midland Care's Findables Re-Sale Shop to model clothes from the store Thursday.

The fashion show took two months to plan. The residents went to the shop, picked out some outfits for a dress rehearsal and had a fitting.

LULAC says it was successful for both the seniors and the store.

"We've got a packed house in here," said Kathy Vatow, the Executive Director of LULAC Senior Center. "We've got lot of people, it's been a fun time. Our seniors enjoyed it, our community folks that are here enjoyed it and what a great way to kickoff Christmas."

Midland's Findables Store is located at 1112 SW 6th Avenue.