Local church starts drive-thru confessions

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A local church found a way for people to maintain their distance while still doing their penance.

Christ the King Church has set up drive through confessions.

They have it set up to where people can drive up to the church's curb, confess their sins, and receive advice from a pastor.

Father Matthew Schiffelbein says they must verbalize their sins -- and that this is a good way to do that while maintaining social distance and avoiding contact with any surfaces.

“We really believe it's important that we encounter God's mercy and forgiveness in a personal way, so the sacraments give us a live in-person encounter," Schiffelbein said. "So we thought it was important, even though we're trying to maintain social distance and six feet apart and make sure everything's clean and sanitized, we still had a way of offering this to our parishioners.”

Father Schiffelbein encourages anyone that's interested to come down and give it a try.