Local businesses brace for Valentine's Day rush

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Valentine’s Day is a few days away and local businesses are preparing for the rush of shoppers.

"We've been preparing for well over a month,” Hazel Hill owner Nick Xidis said. “All the stuff you see behind us had to be hand made."

Chocolates and flowers have long been a tradition during Valentine's Day and with less than a week to go, local shops have high expectations.

"We think we really are going to be busier this year because of it being in the middle of the week,” Brenda Price, owner of Absolute Design by Brenda, said. “We're already processing product that has come in and everyday now more will be coming in."

"There's going to be a line outside the door all day long, probably Tuesday and Wednesday,” Xidis said. “We'll get folks in and out, but it's very, very busy.”

Xidis says he's learned a lot since he was caught unprepared for their first Valentine's Day in business a dozen years ago.

"Really, what surprised us that first one was just the size and breadth of the community response down here,” Xidis said. “We were just not prepared that first year for the hundreds of people that were going to come in."

Price says it's not all about chocolates and flowers.

"We’ve already gotten orders for snack food baskets and gourmet baskets and pamper yourself baskets, so it isn't always just about flowers,” Price said.

With Valentine's Day being in the middle of the week both shop owners expect high volumes of deliveries.