Lifelong Chiefs fans headed to Miami, booked trip before Titans win

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Michael Wiseman had a good feeling about the Chiefs beating the Titans for the AFC Championship.

"After we beat the Texans we started feeling really confident,” he said. “We found out they were playing the Titans and said, you know, let's take the risk here. So we actually booked our book last week before they even played the Titans."

But this trip with the team began long before the playoff season.

"I've been a Chiefs fan my whole life.” Michael said. “I'm 29 now, we've had season tickets in our family for 32 years. So I've been literally going to games since I was a little baby. My parents used to carry me in a carriage."

With tickets to Miami already in hand, Michael, his father, and his wife, Brittany sat in Arrowhead for the AFC Championship — hoping their beloved chiefs would punch theirs, too.

"Everyone's jumping up and down and being crazy, and I'm like sitting there with my dad and her and we're just like, we couldn't believe it,” Michael said. “It kind of hit you like, you don't know how to react because they've never been in the last 50 years."

Their confidence in their team rewarded, the Wisemans will soon hop a plane to join them — and they say it means more than just a football game.

"I'm a huge Chiefs fan,” Brittany said. “I scream and holler crazy at the games, but I think I get my excitement from watching him and his dad get so excited and be able to share the bond of the Chiefs together."

"I think the time it's going to hit me is once we get down to Miami and we start seeing all the Super Bowl activities going on, and being a part of that,” Michael said. “Then it's going to be like wow, we're officially here, you know?"