Liam becomes TPD's "Chief for a Day" for his heroic actions

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TOPEKA (WIBW) -- Last Monday, March 26th, Police Chief Bill Cochran invited young Liam to be the Department's "Chief for a Day" for his quick thinking and actions during a house fire five weeks earlier.

Liam was at home on February 19th when he noticed smoke billowing from a neighbor's house across the street. Liam ran and alerted his parents, who called 911, then rushed over to the neighbor's home to check on the homeowners.

Topeka Fire raced to the scene to finish the job of putting the fire out. But thanks for Liam's quick reaction time and notifying his parents of the emergency, no one was hurt and the property damage was minimal.

Liam, who's 7, got his police identification badge from Chief Cochran to start things off. He checked out the Department's Bomb Squad and their robot, got "helmeted up" by Officer Kurtis Van Donge to check out the Motorcycle Unit, and learned about TPD Response teams. His special day ended with a pizza party.

And we join in thanking Liam, honoring him as our Good Kid this week!