Super Kansas Cash winner claims $1 million prize, plans to invest

Published: Sep. 3, 2019 at 3:22 PM CDT
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The latest winner of the Super Kansas Cash jackpot will be happy to be out of debt, but don't expect them to go on a huge shopping spree anytime soon.

“We don’t want to blow through everything in 2-3 years. We can pay off our debt and still have plenty left for savings,” the lucky winner said.

The individual, who wanted to remain anonymous, turned a $2 Quick Pick into a $1,088,070 jackpot, matching all five numbers and the Super Cash Ball (The winning numbers were 2-3-15-23-26 SCB: 15). And, like most newly minted millionaires, they couldn't believe it at first and were speechless.

“I must have checked and re-checked those numbers five or six times before I finally realized what I had won,” the winner exclaimed. "It still hasn't fully sunk in yet. I'm just now starting to believe it."

While the person only would play once or twice a week, they only played Super Kansas Cash, pointing out it's a Kansas-only game so the money stays in the Sunflower State, plus, they say, at two plays for $1, it's simply a better value.

"It’s a great deal for just a buck, and that’s why it’s my favorite game,” they continued.

While we don't know who won it, we do know where they bought it. Lottery officials said it was purchased at the Casey's General Store, 7875 Quivera Road, in Lenexa. For selling the winning ticket, that location will get a $1,000 bonus.