Lawyer in ‘NOLA No-Call’ lawsuit to file for contempt of court against NFL

A lawsuit from New Orleans seeks to hold the NFL accountable for an infamous no-call during the NFC title game last season. (Source: WVUE/Gray News)
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE/Gray News) - A New Orleans lawyer plans to file a motion in court Wednesday to hold the NFL in contempt of court.

According to the motion that is said to be filed, the plaintiffs claim they did not receive responses to their questions, requests for production and requests for admissions of fact from the defendants, which include NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The NFL was supposed to provide those responses by Aug. 13 after a three-judge panel ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and granted a motion to compel discovery.

The motion, which is set to be submitted by attorney Tony Lemon, claims the NFL should now be held in contempt of court for their willful disobedience of a lawful judgement, quoting Louisiana Law which empowers the court to go so far as to imprison a party until they perform the act which has been ordered.

Lemon says the lawsuit isn’t just about the infamous no-call, but about the NFL holding themselves accountable as the guardians of the game.

"Without that, how can we truly move forward?” says Lemon. “How can we truly know this is not going to happen again and again and again if there’s no accountability by the NFL?”

According to the motion, the four defendants, including Goodell, are set to give sworn testimony in September which is why Lemon is asking for a judge’s ruling on contempt by as early as next week.

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