Lawrence police say Saturday night was pretty peaceful (and apologize)

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) -- Saturday night proved to be a pretty peaceful night following Kansas' surprise loss in the NCAA Tournament, according to the Lawrence Police Dept. - who also issued an apology for one of its tweets that evening.

Statistics released Monday morning showed Lawrence officers only responded to three disturbance calls that night, and only wrote a couple of citations. They didn't arrest anyone.

No trees were damaged, they noted - despite a tweet mentioning a man trying to pull a tree out of the ground. "It's not the trees (sic) fault man," police said.

While there were no streakers either, the statistics did tally one tweet "in bad taste."

"We... want to apologize for one, uh, less that stellar tweet," they said when posting the stats.

Police didn't say specifically for which one they were apologizing, but it could have been a reference to difficulty Jayhawks head coach Bill Self seems to have making it to that final weekend of the tournament.

"Well, at least we have a lot of experience dealing with fans after an #Elite8 loss. Get home safely Jayhawk fans. #Drive Sober," it read.

The Lawrence Police Dept. has received national attention for its often funny and engaging Twitter account.