Lawrence man donates 208th pint of blood

Published: Apr. 25, 2020 at 7:00 PM CDT
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A Lawrence man has donated blood for 38 years and Saturday he reached a milestone in his quest to make every drop count.

Since 1982 Mike Hadl has donated blood.

He said, "I try to donate every 8 weeks."

Saturday marked a milestone in his journey.

"This is my 208th pint, 26 gallons," said Hadl.

Each gallon represents another pin added to his collection and another life saved.

He said, "Someday, somebody you love might need a pint and it's going to come from somebody you don't know."

That became a reality for Hadl when his mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

He said, "She had to have two pints of whole blood and she lived four months, but the two pints of blood, whoever gave them, gave her one more Thanksgiving, one more Christmas, one more New Years, with her children, her grandkids, her family and friends."

He said that's been his motivation to continue to give blood. With 208 pints to show for it, Hadl said he's not quite finished.

He said, "When I get done and head home, I say to God, just let me do one more pint."

Hadl encourages others to join him.

If you'd like to donate, you can call Topeka's Community Blood Center at (877) 468-6844 or visit

to make an appointment.

To limit the spread of coronavirus, the blood center is not allowing walk-ins at this time.