Lawmakers react to Gov. Kelly's State of State address

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TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)-- Governor Laura Kelly addressed both republicans and democrats in what most say was a satisfying speech.

Most of the feedback from both republican and democrats was generally positive but there was a few confused by the Government's facts regarding Medicaid.

"I liked some of it but some of it I don't know what periodical she was reading out of because that data is not the data I read," said Republican Cheryl Helmer

Kelly's key points in the address focused on working togther to further rebuild the state.

"She wants to work with both sides of the isle to move the state forward," said Democrat Virgil Weigel

"She laid out a clear vision for what we need to do in the 2020 session and I'm looking forward to working with the senate republican leadership to pass Medicaid expansion once and for all," said Democratic member of the Kansas Senate, Anthony Hensley

Republicans are ready to work with the Governor on a new budget plan, which will be released tomorrow.

She expressed a willingness to cut, we tried last year.. she vetoed it. I'm glad she changed her tune this year and that's something we look forward to working on her with," said Republican Nick Hoheisel