LATEST ON 13 ANTENNA: Updated: 915am June 14 - RE-SCAN NOTICE

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MAPLE HILL, Kan. (WIBW) -- Our new antenna continues to come together.

Signal is now available thru the new antenna... If you can't receive 13.1 or 13.2 PLEASE RE-SCAN NOW.

If you still aren't seeing our signal, you may need to check to see if you have a VHF antenna. We no longer are broadcasting a UHF signal

Several people have asked for a new poem, so here you go...

Twas the day before Friday and all over the place,
People who lost the WIBW signal had a frown on their face.
Their antennas were pointed and in the right spot,
So why was "NO SIGNAL" over black all that they got?
But then they remembered hearing somewhere,
To re-scan their receivers once the new antenna hit air.
So re-scan they did as quick as could be,
In hopes of seeing Drew or Vanna on the TV.
All at once, they let out such a cheer,
And told us not to mess with it for another 55 years.
But wait dear viewers, this story aint done,
It has one more chapter that has yet to begun.
So sometime early July we hope to connect,
The brand new transmitter for the best signal yet!
Then this saga will finally be thru,
It's an early Christmas present from WIBW to you.

Thanks everyone! Mike Turner
Thursday UPDATE1
Still on track to start power up of the new antenna paired with the old transmitter about 9am if everything goes well.... hope to send out a re-scan update ASAP!
Mike Turner

Wednesday UPDATE 2
Transmission line is now connected, and is being checked for issues... this can take up to 6 hours, so we now plan on start up Thursday morning at 9AM... So EVERYONE should rescan if the signal does not come in on their equipment after 9am.
Mike Turner

Part was stuck at the FedEx terminal due to be delivered by 4pm. Shane is on his way to pick the part up saving about 6.5 hours... trying our best to get this completed today!!!!

Wednesday the 13th
Part has yet to arrive, but if it does in the next hour or two and the weather cooperates, we might just get to re-scan tonight... I will update when we know more... cross your fingers and toes! (PLEASE don't go out into public that way)
Mike Turner

Good Tuesday Mourning....

Bad news to start the day. The part fabricator didn't get the part shipped overnight so we are waiting for it to show up. This makes tonight a no go, and possible Wednesday as well. Crew will stay and finish before the mandatory two weeks off, but Thursday the 14th looks like start up and tune day... sorry folks, should have drove to the coast and got it ourselves!
Mike Turner

Happy Monday!
Parts have been made already and will be shipped today.... Should have everything Tuesday AM, and should have installed get signal tuned... depending on time maybe Tuesday evening, but more likely Wednesday start up. Tower crew must then take a mandatory 2 week rest. No word yet on new transmitter one way or the other, so time frame still appears to be late June with an early July start up!
Mike Turner

The new antenna is bolted way up in the air...
In hopes that a better signal will soon be there.
The parts have been ordered as quick as could be...
But the dang parts can't ship until the days number three.
So Wednesday the 13th we all must wait...
To get all our viewers a signal that's great.
Remember the new transmitter won't be here yet...
But July 1st we hope to have the best signal you'll get.
Please don't be mad at us, we hope you can see...
We're doing this for all of you, sincerely WIBW-TV.
Have a great weekend! Mike

52 years ago today we had the worst tornado to ever hit Topeka... 3 years before our old antenna was installed, and today our NEW antenna will be installed on our tower. We have run into a snag, and will need several custom parts made special... we are looking at Wednesday, June 13th now for power up if all goes as planned... sorry, we were really hoping this weekend.... dang it! Some folks have asked for pictures so Shane McMurdo, engineer turned shutterbug, is supplying shots located at the bottom!

All of the old antenna is now down, and weather permitting, we will begin placing the new antenna on our tower tomorrow... if all goes as planned we could have our old transmitter and new antenna working by Saturday making reception much easier for everyone. REMEMBER we are ONLY broadcasting in VHF, so if you have a UHF only antenna, you will need to get a new antenna that will receive both!!!

Thursday looks like a great day, and we hope to have the remaining old antenna cut in two sections, and lowered to the ground by this evening. We also will do a top mount inspection to make sure that it is good for the new antenna. If after that we look good, the new antenna could be scheduled for Friday, weather permitting. That might have us on the new antenna with the old transmitter by Sunday. When this happens, we should be at about the same signal strength as we were prior to the project. We still plan on the new transmitter by the end of June, and once it goes on line around July 1st we hope to welcome a bunch of new viewers to the WIBW-TV family.
Mike Turner

Wednesday afternoon was a battle, but the top section of the old antenna is down. We hope to have the other two section lowered by tomorrow evening. The FAA was notified that our top beacon is no longer working, so if anyone is thinking about flying by the tower tonight , be aware that there is an extra100 feet of tower above that top light...

Wednesday we expect to start cutting the old antenna a part since the 3 sections have managed to weld themselves together over 55 years of lightning strikes. If winds cooperate, sections will be lowered one at a time making way for the new antenna to be place on the tower. As of now we hope to have the new antenna hooked to our old transmitter by Monday evening. This will increase our signal close to power we had before we started. The new transmitter is expected in by the end of the month, and installed by July 1st.... will try to keep everyone updated as best we can.
Mike Turner - Director of Operations / Engineering

On Tuesday, crews lifted a large fitting that will support the antenna to the top of the tower. Our first new antenna in 55 years should be up by Friday.

A temporary antenna is sending our signals at a lower power right now, so over-the-air viewers may have trouble watching us.

Read more on project and FAQs

The new transmitter is expected to arrive by the end of June. It will bring us back to full power.

The signal interruption should only aftect over-the-air viewers, those of you watching on services including Cox, AT&T, and Direct TV should not have any issues.